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Players who seek a real-world gambling experience from the comfort of their own homes will love live casino games Singapore. With lots of online live casino games available, it is critical to find the right one. The easiest way to select one is to pick the most played (popular) games. Different games will be popular in several regions. The three most played live casino games of Singapore are Dragon Tiger, Win Three Cards, and Bull Bull. It is essential to understand how each game works to know which one suits them best. A player can easily understand the game by utilizing the free trial available. Here is the comprehended version of how these games function and the advantages they provide.

The Dragon Tiger: How it works?

Playing Dragon Tiger is a breeze. One card deals with the dragon betting position, and the other with the tiger betting position on the table. Regardless of the suit, the betting position with the most money wins. The aces are the lowest ranking cards, with the remaining cards following the natural values to the next lowest, with the king being the highest.

In Dragon tiger, there are four possible bets. The dragon side, the tiger side which provides payoff, the tie with payment, and the suited tie. If both the dragon and the tiger are the same cards, then it is a tie, and the player wins. In a suited tie, the player wins both the dragon and the tiger have the same value and the suit. For each round, the player can place several side bets like big/small, odd/even, and red/black. 

Strategy to win Dragon Tiger: Mastering and utilizing the fundamental strategies in Dragon Tiger substantially increases a player’s chances of winning. One such strategy that helps to increase the winning choices is card counting. Card counting is the most basic approach. The goal of this strategy should be to count the remaining cards and use that knowledge to predict the next cards. Depending on the sort of wager, the method of counting is different. In a suit bet, a participant should keep track of the suits that have been utilized the most.

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The Win Three Cards: How it works?

Win Three Cards is one of the simpler poker variants. In this game, each player will deal with three cards. Then, will compete against the three cards which are handled by the house. The poker hand with the high value is the winner. The card the player gets in win three cards will be any one of following,

  • High card – Single face card or an ace.
    • Pair – Any pair, the higher the better.
    • Flush – Same suit.
    • Straight – All cards in a sequence.
    • Three of a kind.
    • Straight flush – All cards in sequence and same suit.

A player can bet his hand will beat the dealer’s hand by placing an additional bet on the Play circle. It is just like the player’s initial bet. If the dealer does not have a higher hand, all the players who are still in the game get paid one-to-one. Win three cards also allow the player to place a completely separate bet on the game, known as the pair plus bet. Players who win a pair plus bet will get paid a bonus payout of 40:1.

Strategy to win three cards poker: If the chances of getting a pair are good, the player should only play a pair plus. With this approach, the player can always win the pair, regardless of the dealer’s hand. Placing an ante bet is another slightly safer option. If a player has a queen and their second card is a seven or higher, the chances of winning are high in this situation.

The Bull Bull: How it works?

Bull Bull is another popular live casino game in Singapore. It is also known as Niu Niu in some Asian areas. Bull Bull is all about calculation. In this game, the dealer will deal with 5 cards, 3 players, and a banker. The player can bet on a player’s card or a banker’s card. The banker will get a 5% commission for every winning payoff. The main objective of Bull Bull is to get the sum of three cards to a multiple of 10, and then the rest of the two cards will add up to another sum. For instance, after getting three cards with a sum in multiples of 10, like if the player gets 7,10, and 3. So these three add up to 20, which is a multiple of 10. Now it is a valid Bull Bull. The other two cards will be counted as 9 points if they add up to a 9 or a 19. This is called “bull night.” This is the second-highest rank in the gaming system.

The highest rank in Bull Bull is called 5 gold, where the player can get a combination of 5 cards only (J, Q, and K). If the player can’t get any three cards in your hand to be a multiple of 10, then the player gets no bull. Then you would be playing with only the high card. It is the lowest rank the player gets.

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Final Thought: Why are live casino games in Singapore so popular?

Allbet Live casino is the unique feature of the online casino environment which brings the traditional casino to anywhere the player is. Several reasons have also contributed to the popularity of live casinos in Singapore, notably the growth of internet casinos, which has taken the globe by storm. The ever-increasing variety of adventurous and engaging games is also a factor in the genre’s growing appeal. The simplicity and the high payouts of the Dragon Tiger, Win Three Cards, and Bull Bull make it the most popular choice among the players of Singapore. With the simplicity, even a newbie can also play it well as a professional player with few trial plays. Try out the trial chances now to know more!

The odds of players’ wins and wounded are spoken in the table, as explained in the rules of the game. The cards dealt stay at the board, other than here is also a Top 10 Baccarat raging Bull No Deposit Bonus Coupon Code Online Casinos 2021

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